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At one time all of Baylor's Greek organizations existed as "local social clubs." Today a number of Greek organizations have chosen to remain local. Phi Chi is one of those groups. We believe that by retaining our local identity we may better serve the needs of our members (both undergraduate and alumni) and Baylor. Membership in Phi Chi is a life long commitment to your brothers and to the goals and ideals of Phi Kappa Chi. Membership in Phi Chi is open to undergraduate Baylor University men and provides an opportunity for campus and community involvement, fellowship, personal growth and leadership development, service, scholarship, and spiritual formation.
Spring Party
Each semester we host a campus wide party benefiting our philanthropy, iloveorphans.com. We have had different themes from "Fanny Packs and Kodaks" to "Masquerave." All proceeds from these events go to aid the construction of an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda.
All-University Sing
From men on "The Mission" to the simply mountain men of "Good Ole Rocky Top," Phi Kappa Chi has extended its heart and mission every year in All University Sing. Sing is an amazing opportunity for us, as ONE BODY, to inspire—if not thousands of people — ONE LIFE, thus our motto for Sing, "One Body, One Life." Phi Chi considers it an honor to share a message through amazing vocals, sharp dancing and just having fun. Of the 20 years that Phi Chi has been participating in Sing, we have received 16 invitations to Homecoming's Pigskin Revue including 6 third place awards, 4 second place awards, and "Free at Last," the 2004 All University Sing first place act.
Spring Break Mission Trip
During Baylor's Spring Break, we take an annual mission trip. We use this time to gather as a brotherhood and do service work around the country. Past service trips have included serving at in Kansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and even Texas. We use this opportunity to minister through service, putting our core values into action.
Light Your World
During the four years of our college experience, we recognize there are individual faculty and staff members who have contributed in a special way to our academic, personal, and spiritual development. Phi Kappa Chi's annual Light Your World Banquet is a way for us as an organization to honor their contributions to our lives and recognize their commitment to Baylor and its students.
Each Spring we go to a new destination and host our Yellow Rose Formal. The yellow rose is the traditional symbol of friendship and brotherly bonds. The rose is presented to dates on the eve of the fraternity spring formal and has come to symbolize the love of the brotherhood
Every two years we send a team of men to serve along side the staff of Arise Africa International and to learn of their vision for Uganda. In addition to the Christian orphanage they are constructing, they are building a school and a medical facility, and they are assisting in the construction and operation of over 200 Christian churches throughout Uganda. During our time in we are giving many opportunities to minister to the people and proclaim the love of Jesus. We accomplished this by visiting local churches and schools and presenting a Christ-­‐ centered program including songs, games and recreation, Bible story skits, testimonies, and a presentation of the love of Jesus Christ.

Move-In Day
Every August Baylor students show up to assist incoming students as they move in to their dorms. Phi Chi looks forward every year to welcoming new students to the Baylor campus and serving the community.
Fall Party
Each semester we host our annual Fall Party benefitting our philanthropy, iloveorphans.com. Proceeds from these events go to aid the construction of an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda.
Steppin' Out
Steppin' Out is a one-day, semi-annual service day coordinated by the Department of Student Activities, providing service to the greater-Waco community. Typical projects from the past have including painting houses, removing debris, or volunteering at a local services agency while build lasting ideals of civic engagement and social responsibility.
Throughout our history, we have held a prominent place in the annual Baylor Homecoming Parade. From 2003-­‐2006 Phi Chi and Chi Omega held the first place award for Class B float. Over the years we have also partnered with Delta Delta Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha sororities for our annual Parade entry. In the fall of 2008, we partnered with Delta Delta Delta sorority to create the first ever philanthropy-­‐based float in hopes of expressing our organizations' mutual passion for service and our desire to be good stewards of our time, money, and resources. In the fall of 2013 we moved for the first time to the Class A float division, capturing another first place award. Through this partnership with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, we succeeded in combining the tradition of Baylor Homecoming with our organizations' joint heart for philanthropy.
Santa's Workshop
In 2007 we were asked to serve as the official Santa's Workshop Task Force. Santa's Workshop is an annual event that brings children from the Waco community on to Baylor's campus to receive a gift and to have a visit with good ol' Saint Nick. The children range in age from 3-­‐5, and for many of them, this will be the only gift that they receive for Christmas. Under the direction of the Santa's Workshop committee and the Department of Student Activities, we assist in the gathering and wrapping of gift's, and event set-­‐up and tear down.
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Question: What is all of this lingo? (A rundown on Phi Chi-specific greek vocabulary)
We know there is quite a bit of odd, unfamiliar vocabulary surrounding the greek life community. We hope these definitions will help clear some of that confusion:
Local vs. National – At Baylor, a fraternity is classified either local or national. Local fraternities exist only at Baylor and are not affiliated with a national fraternity office. National fraternities (or fraternities who are members of the IFC, Interfraternity Council) might exist at multiple colleges and are linked to a larger governing national office.
Club – You might hear members of Phi Chi refer to our organization as a club or "the club." This terminology is indicative of many local fraternal organizations and is a way we identify ourselves as different than traditional Greek social organizations.
Philos Kruxos Christos – These Greek words are roughly translated as Brotherhood, Centered, Christ symbolizing our letters Phi Kappa Chi. It is our desire and our commitment to being a brotherhood, centered on Christ.
Rush/Recruitment – A time for you to come and meet members of Phi Chi, learn about our organization, and find out if you would like to be a part; we organize events for you to attend so you might get to know us, and better, we might get to know you.
Formal Coffee – This is an event that we host during recruitment that is a formal presentation of who we are. This is also most likely the last opportunity to get to know our members before interviews.
Interviews – Interviews are where we get to know you best. Our interviews function and work much differently from those of other groups. The interview process is the final step of recruitment before we issue "bids".
Bids – A bid is a formal invitation stating that we would like you to become a part of our beloved brotherhood. After receiving a bid, there will be a time for you to accept your bid; the time and location of bid acceptance will be coordinated by the Department of Student Activities. After accepting a bid to Phi Kappa Chi, you will enter a time called pledge education.
Pledging – Pledging is a time of growth and learning for new members. What about hazing? Still confused? Just see our statements below or take a look at our core values at the top of the page.

Statement on Pledge Education: "We believe that pledgeship should be a completely positive experience and a time for individual growth, not a time for members to vent their frustrations. It is a time for members and pledges to grow both spiritually and physically, serve, and learn together. The brothers of Phi Kappa Chi believe that the happy person is the one who is complete in all areas of life. We will concentrate on improving the academic, spiritual, physical, and social aspects of our lives in an attempt to better ourselves and those around us. Statement on Hazing: Phi Kappa Chi acknowledges that Acts of hazing are incongruent with our commitment as Christian men to encourage one another. We agree to uphold and abide by Baylor policy and Texas State Law on hazing. Further, we will hold ourselves to an even higher standard: that of the 'atmosphere of encouragement and comfort' described in our founding Purpose Statement.

Initiation – The formal ceremony that marks the transition from new member status to full membership.
Question: How does one join Phi Chi?
Answer: Phi Chi organizes a series of meet-and-greet events during a specific period of time called recruitment or "rush". This time offers potential pledges an opportunity to meet members of Phi Chi, as well as other men who are also interested in joining Phi Chi. During this time you will learn what Phi Chi has to offer its members, and you will have plenty of time to ask questions not only of Phi Chi, but of other organizations as well.

Phi Chi has a unique identity based on the development of Christian character, social skills, friendship, service to each others, and academic excellence. Just like researching, visiting, and choosing a college, you should seek out the group that best fits your personality, needs, and desires.
Question: Who is in charge of the Undergraduate Chapter?
Answer: Members elected to officer positions manage the day-to-day operations of the Phi Kappa Chi's Undergraduate Chapter. These officers are assisted by alumni members serving on advisory committees and by several official university sponsors. In addition, the club has an alumni advisory council that works with the undergraduate leaders to ensure stability and consistency as Phi Chi seeks to achieve its long-term goals.
Question: Is Phi Kappa Chi a national fraternity?
Answer: No. Phi Kappa Chi was established in 1988 as a local men's social/service club. Our sole Undergraduate Chapter is located at Baylor University. We believe that by retaining our local identity we may better serve the needs of our members (both undergraduate and alumni) and Baylor.
Question: Does it cost a lot of money to be in Phi Chi?
Answer: The Phi Kappa Chi Undergraduate Chapter is self-supported through dues charged to all members. In the first year of membership, a one-time pledging fee is assessed. After those initial payments are made, there are semester dues until a member graduates. In the final semester of undergraduate membership, a portion of the dues goes to Phi Kappa Chi, Inc. as payment for lifetime alumni dues. Generally, joining a local organization is less expensive than joining a national fraternal organization.
Question: Why does membership in a fraternal organization seem to take up so much time?
Answer: Participating in any worthwhile activity always requires an investment of one's time. Research has shown that involved college students are more likely to graduate, and they also report greater satisfaction with their college experience. Members will learn how to balance their academic, work, campus involvement, and social commitments – a skill which will be invaluable for their post-Baylor lives as well.
Question: What kind of things will I get to do as a Phi Chi?
Answer: This is an abbreviated list of things you might do as a regular member. The leadership opportunities and development of brotherhood and fellowship far exceed these brief descriptions. Remember though, If you decide to pledge Phi Chi, it's important to understand the necessity of balancing social activities and academics. We are committed to ensuring that academics come first.
Question: What are the objective requirements for becoming a Phi Chi?
Answer: Men who wish to receive a bid to pledge Phi Kappa Chi must be in good academic standing with the Department of Student Activities and have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours (freshman & 2nd year students) or 24 semester hours (transfer students). Each gentleman is also required to complete an application for membership and participate in a formal interview process. Members of Phi Chi will review the applications and interviews before voting on all applicants.